A fall back or a way forward

4 Nov 2013

by  Jennifer Cannock

Even for top performers in Queensland, the pathway to a career real estate is unique to the individual. And it helps shape their approach to clients and service too.

For Jason Read, real estate was his fall back following on from life as a professional golfer and for Michele Hyde it was a way forward as a single mother battling illness.

“I was driven by the fact that the more you work the more you earn. And the flexibility,” says Jason Read from Coomera on the Gold Coast.

For Michele in Townsville her drive was survival.

“I just wanted to earn $40,000 a year. I had been ill with breast cancer and had become a single mum looking after my three children,” Michele said, “It was more lucrative than I’d initially thoughts and there was much more technology than there was in the 1970s when I was watching my dad do it.”

She was surprised to see the way agents treated each other, “shafting” their listings and degrading their ability. Michele succeeded by keeping her eye on the prize and discussion away from price.

“Keep out of the way of price and do the job of transacting the sale,” she advises.

“Only good agents survive in this market. Finance is hard and the market is challenging. You need to work differently.”

Harcourts - cityJulie Mahoney, a similarly successful agent in Townsville, agrees with Michele’s observations on the market.

“In Townsville the market has been challenged with the downturn of the mining industry as well as State Government redundancies and pending Federal job losses. Job security is a concern for purchasers which in turn affects their ability to feel confident when committing to purchase,” Julie says.

Julie had been involved in transactions of a different nature before real estate. She’d traded fruit and vegetables from New Zealand to Japan and quickly became a skilled negotiator.

“Life experience definitely helped when I started in real estate. I have had businesses; the good, the bad and the ugly!” Julie has always had a genuine interest in real estate and recognises herself in clients. “It’s important to be genuine and grounded, and be able to relate to people and their life experience when selling their most precious asset.”

So what about Julie’s advice on combating a tough market? “Never assume anyone’s situation and be persistent- you have to be passionate about both people and property.”

Jason, on the other hand, needed a career beyond golf. For him, the career path looked like a breeze from the outside.

“It looked easy. I soon learnt you must work long hours but it’s very rewarding,” he says. “I had to change my habits to suit the workload.”

“You have to have persistence and look for ways to improve all the time. This means learning and keeping up with technology.”

His key advice now? “Remember that what worked last year may not work this year!”