Client challenges

4 Nov 2013

by  Jennifer Cannock

Michael WillemsOn the Gold Coast, Michael Willems has sold over $85m in property this year already and he is a legend for his auction successes.

With that volume, most would struggle to balance today’s tasks against tomorrow’s. He has one personal assistant to do admin and he has some core personal principles to get him through.

“Only focus on the workload in front of you, the buyers and the sellers. Don’t analyse it too much,” he says.

Michael only does what needs to be done in the short term to guarantee the long term successes.

He’s been at the top of his game for a good part of his 20 year career. This is mostly because he understands clients.

“Buyers and vendors do not give you all the information up front, they protect themselves. You need to win their trust before they will share information,” Michael says.

Honesty, integrity and working longer and harder are key attributes according to Michael. “Embrace the hard work to succeed, always listen to your customer, don’t interrupt them when they speak and have a real, caring nature.”