What the A List has in common…

4 Nov 2013

by  Jennifer Cannock

Things to know about Queensland’s A List agents:

  • More than half are between 32-46 years of age

  • One-third use a hard copy diary

  • Watches: one-fifth don’t wear a watch, of those that do they prefer Tag Heuer, Breitling Bentley and Citizen

  • Cars: most drive a Mercedes, followed equally by Nissans, BMWs and Mazdas

  • Ties: 5 in 8 of the A List men wear a tie to work

  • Open-for-inspection times: 3:7 ratio of agents that hold 45min or 30min inspections

  • Out-of-office: 93% will not use an auto reply on their email

  • Holidays:

    • 86% take at a holiday at least every year

    • 66% go for a fortnight maximum

    • 60% go overseas

  • Answering your phone in a meeting: 2/3 get their PA to take calls and 1/3 turn their phone off

  • 100% use a daily to-do list

  • Most set goals weekly and monthly

  • Normal ‘start time’ for work: half start at 8am, the rest start earlier

  • Normal ‘end time’ for work: 60% finish at 7pm. The rest between 6pm – 8pm