What it takes to be an A Lister

19 Dec 2014

by  Jennifer Cannock

The A List is comprised of the top 148 performers out of 18,000 registered real estate salespeople in Queensland.  The list is developed by Corelogic RP Data, based upon data covering 98 percent of the Queensland property market and closely examines three key criteria; the number of sales, value of sales and number of listings for the period January – December.

Individual salespeople were identified based on their performance in the three criteria, relative to their market which was defined by the area in which each salesperson held a minimum of 70 per cent of their stock. The performance for each salesperson was defined by a formula that compared expected and actual sales, sales value, and number of listings. The score was then used to rank the salespeople to provide us with the top 148 real estate salespeople – approximately the top one per cent in Queensland.

This is the only event of its kind in Queensland, given the list of agents has been compiled without agent input using stock numbers and results. Ordinarily, agents submit applications for similar awards.